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Frequently Asked Questions

01.Warranty and Support

One of the hard drives in the NAS failed. Who do I contact to get the drive replaced?

This would depend on the length of the time of ownership. If the drive was part of a configured NAS and the time of ownership is less than 20 days, we can replace the drive under warranty. If the time of ownership is over 20 days, you would need to contact the drive manufacturer or if the unit was purchased without drives, the drive manufacturer would need to be contacted concerning replacement.

The hard drives in the machine have a manufacturer's warranty. Who do I contact to have the drives replaced under the warranty?

After 20 days of receiving the unit, you would need to contact the manufacturer to have the drives replaced under the manufacturer warranty.

I received my NAS a few months ago, but have an issue. Who do I contact concerning this issue?

We always suggest starting with the product manufacturer to get support as they have in depth knowledge and access to the system software to be able to diagnose issues.

How can support be contacted?

Support can be contacted by emailing

The unit was purchased almost a year ago, who do we contact for support?

Due to the time frame, the unit would be past the 20 day return policy for SimplyNAS, but you could either contact the manufacturer or, we would be happy to assist and ensure your warranty is processed via the appropriate NAS manufacturer.

Basic information we require before we can provide any help:

  • Company Name, Contact Name, Email, phone number, and Our Order or Invoice Number that the system was purchased under.
  • Model of the NAS.
  • Serial number of the NAS.
  • Nature of the Issue you are experiencing (if any). We would also request a system log of the system if you are familiar with doing so, if not its fine.

02.General Questions

What is a NAS and why do I need one?

A NAS is a Network Attached Storage device that allows for storage and backup of data. A NAS is a great device for adding security to your valued information. With a NAS you can save information directly or you have the option to backup large files and volumes. This allows you to have information that can be recovered should a computer fail.

Why do you not have a manual for every device? It's only a NAS.?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Many NAS’s in today’s technical environment are becoming more technically involved so many steps for one machine may not be the same steps for another machine. The best example would be the operating system of a desktop NAS versus the ZFS operating system of certain rack mounted systems.

Could a desktop NAS be used in an Enterprise environment??

Could and should will be a determining factor. Yes, the system could be used in an enterprise environment, but it will be limited to its drive size, processor, RAM, and its network functionality. Having a lot of people storing information or trying to access information at the same time will likely slow things down greatly, making the unit unusable. If the nas is in a small business environment with a limited number of users accessing information, the system will fit in nicely. In either environment, the system would be able to hold its own if only being used as a backup for a specific data type

Do I need knowledge of computers to own and use a NAS?

A NAS device does not require a degree in computer technology to operate. With many of the new operating systems NAS manufacturers are using, you can easily and effectively setup and use a NAS device without needing to hire a system administrator. Some users will have more demanding specifications and requirements for the NAS and the environment it will be installed into, but they will usually have a network administrator on-site or have outsourced the additional resource for set up.

Can I use a NAS to replace my home computer?

Simply put, NO. Although a NAS has many stand-alone features, it will be lacking in certain departments. For example, high performance gaming will not be possible. A NAS can allow for direct connection of a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, but this is for home or office media use such as movies, music, or presentations

I am interested in purchasing a NAS, but want to know I can contact someone to assist me with issues I may experience.

This is not an issue, we stand by the device we sell and offer limited support abilities via email for configured units. Unfortunately, we do not support machines not purchased from us, but our Technical Team members may be able to assist. We do offer many package options to make your NAS experience easy and enjoyable. Call us to discuss we would be more than happy to help - +1-407-960-4690.

03.Service Related Questions

What is NASBIT

The acronym is short for Network Attached Storage Burn In Testing. This is the process of testing the firmware and hardware for faults before putting the unit in its operational environment.

Do configured systems come with drives and a RAID setting??

Yes, configured systems would come with drives and set to the RAID level specified by the customer, tested and ready to use out of the box.

My payment card was declined multiple times. What do I do?

In a case such as this, you would need to contact the card issuing bank to make sure funds are available and that there are no limits on the card that would cause the card to decline. For customers outside the U.S., you will need to make sure your bank allows out of country purchases and that the card issuing bank is capable of making purchases into the U.S.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

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