Technical Support

When to Contact Technical Support
The technical support service can be contacted week days from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm EST time (GMT -5), by telephone or via email (see details below).

What should I have ready before contacting support?
We have had to implement this process for a few reasons. Mainly we are shortly hoping to be ISO 9002 approved and need to ensure we comply with requirements, as well as ensuring our customers get support first. Because many calls we receive are from users that cannot get support from their current vendors, who have simply abandoned their customers, we wish to ensure our customers get priority.

  • Your order ID (When you placed the order if you do not have hard copy, then it would have been emailed to you from sales [at] Failing this, please have the invoice number provided with the system.
  • Product Manufacturer and Model
  • Serial Number.
  • Make sure you have a back-up of the information on your NAS, if you have not backed up yet, we strongly recommend you do, as the risk of losing data is always very high when support is being sought.

What should I expect?
Our target is to deal with each technical support query within 24hrs, with utmost degree of courtesy, integrity and empathy. If we are unable to resolve your problem or feel it is appropriate for recommending you to our manufacturing partner, we will do so, as and when we think this will be beneficial for resolving the issue. It is always important to remember that the specialist will base his/her recommendation for resolving the issue entirely on the information that you will provide.

Before calling to technical support please be ready to answer the following questions:

  • Pertinent details about your NAS system - manufacturer, model and the configuration (all this information is provided by us in the form of our sales invoice and configuration sheet that accompanies every configured system).
  • Your technical issue and error state if any.
  • Any peculiar instances prior problem occurrence.
  • Do you have back-ups? if not make them before calling if possible.
  • Is your NAS connected to a network? If yes — contact your system administrators first, to ensure it's merely not a networking issue and if they can't solve your problem they should contact technical support themselves.
  • Details: when did the problem first appear? What had you been doing before the problem appeared? Very often this information allows us to resolve your problem quickly.

Gentle Reminder
Remember, telephone support has its restrictions and not every problem can be rectified per a phone call. Do not blame the consultant for refusing to explain to you how to login into system firmware and for suggesting you contact the manufacturer support team – the consultant simply soberly evaluates your knowledge and realizes what will be the consequences of unskillful and inaccurate actions.

Our Support Ticket System

The fastest and most efficient way to get support is through our ticket system. Using this method allows us to track and respond quickly to all requests with minimal effort and confusion. This ensures that all issues are well documented and response efforts recorded to allow for monitoring by senior staff in case the need arises for escalation. We highly encourage customers to use this method to initiate a request as it is the most expedient process.

Support Level Options

Level 1 support
Initial hand holding via support ticketing system only, we will call customers if the support issue is critical, i.e. system failure or unable to boot the NAS Server. This is a free service and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Most of issues relating to failure of hardware and firmware will be passed over to the manufacturer as these are system specific.

Level 2 support
Network, connectivity, application, deployment based issues, basically anything that does not fall within level 1 category. This service is provided via email or telephone and is chargeable please let us know your specific needs and we would be happy to quote accordingly.

Level 3 support
This is based on critical support for on-site call-outs and/or advance replacements service agreements that are already in place. Contact us for support, provide us the agreement number and we will ensure our service agreement is in place.

Should you need information regarding more in-depth support, please see our FAQ page for your options.